Pharma-Q Partners

Pharma-Q attributes its early contract manufacturing success and growth to long terms partnerships with reputable customers.

We are therefore very interested to pursue a similar route when it comes to the marketing and selling of our products and building relationships into the future.

Should you therefore be interested in a strategic alliance or joint venture partnership in Healthcare industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ventures: Unlocking the power of global sourcing
In seeking to deliver the value for its customers, Pharma-Q believes that the supply chain characteristics of certain products within is portfolio may benefit from technological capabilities or geographic presence beyond Pharma-Q's own infrastructure. For this reason, Pharma-Q has supplemented its offering with the Ventures business model, through which Pharma-Q provides its customers with a broad-based, seamless manufacturing service via networking its own or partner companies.
Maximising supply chain efficiency
By sourcing a wide range of services from partner companies, Pharma-Q can provide customers with a flexibility of choice that would be impossible in a traditional outsource manufacturing model.

The partnering arrangement is established across geographical boundaries giving further advantage to customers in that Pharma-Q can supply products from the right place at the right price, taking into account efficient supply chain dynamics. This maximizes supply chain efficiencies for Pharma-Q's customers.

Partnership selection
Pharma-Q undertakes a meticulous process in order to form partnerships for its Ventures program. The ability to offer a high quality, reliable and cost-effective service is a fundamental requirement. Partners are screened according to some of the following criteria:
  • A culture of service innovation;
  • Credibility and a reputation for excellence;
  • Experience in the field;
  • Accreditation by reliable and reputable regulatory authorities; and
  • High ethical standards.

Above all, the partners of Pharma-Q Ventures understand this dynamic concept in outsource manufacturing and are committed to its success. In implementing the Ventures model, Pharma-Q has proven that it can:

  • Identify reliable service providers;
  • Successfully manage to project from start to finish, anticipating the "teething problems" that are likely to occur;
  • Negotiate viable contracts to minimise risk and optimise return for its customers; and
  • Build long-term relationships with suppliers and ensure service level guarantees are met.